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Fly Whisks

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Fly Whisks

It's no secret to horse people everywhere that pests are one of the biggest irritations around the barn. In fact, it's often a daily struggle for horses and equestrians alike to battle the discomfort and health hazards that pests bring. Flies and other insects are particularly problematic around barns and pastures. While fly tape, fly masks, fly repellent sprays, and other preventative tools can be used, riders often need something extra to keep flies at bay while they are in the middle of a ride. This is where Fly Whisks come in handy. Fly Whisks have a design that is fairly similar to whips, as they are handheld, often feature wrist loops, and require only a light flick of the wrist to implement. One Stop Equine Shop's Fly Whisks have some of the finest craftsmanship in the industry, with most of our Whisks being made with durable grips and horse hair tassels to mimic the natural effect of a horse using its tail to swish away flies. Horse Fly Whisks are a big necessity in humid, warm environments. You won't want to head into summer without one! By using Fly Whisks to wave pests away, you can actually improve your riding and your horse's performance. Without flies and mosquitoes distracting and hurting you and your horse, you'll both be able to focus on the riding. We carry equestrian Fly Whisks by County, Exselle, Goddard, and more top brands. Some of our best sellers are the County Fly Whisk, Exselle Horse Hair Fly Whisk with Loop 24", and the Goddard Fly Whisk.