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What is the most eye-catching horse accessory money can buy? Pose that question to any equestrian rider and he will tell you that browbands for horses are, without a doubt, the most attractive horse accessories around. While a gorgeous browband won’t be able to distract discerning judges from poor grooming or discipline, it is the perfect accompaniment to a well-maintained and trained show horse and may just make the difference in equestrian competitions.

If you think of show horse competitions as beauty pageants for horses, you’ll understand why there are so very many varieties of browbands for horses. Just as Miss Universe contestants have a huge variety of swimsuits, a champion show horse can call on a crystal browband or beaded browbands to highlight its best assets. These showy, flashy browbands are the most popular types of headstalls for horses. They are usually made out of fine-quality English leather and meticulously decorated with attractive crystals, beads and thread. The common consensus among professional equestrian riders is to avoid headstalls with multicolored bling as these tend to look kitschy and overly elaborate. Instead, pick a browband with a single outstanding color such as mint green, pink or silver. This classy, subtle approach will definitely help your horse score bonus points with the contest judges. Make sure the color of the bling is gender appropriate. After all, you don’t want to make your imposing stallion look like a sissy in a headstall with bright pink beads!

Browbands also come in different shapes. V shaped browbands have seen increasing popularity among show riders for years as they give show horses a sleeker and more refined look. However, V shaped browbands need to be properly maintained if you want them to last a long time. Once a V shaped browband begins to bend in the middle, the various adornments will tend to fall out. Thus, if you’re intending to purchase a V shaped crystal browband or buy some V shaped beaded browbands, make sure you take excellent care of the leather. Most importantly, you’ll want to pick a browband that looks good on your horse. Show horse trends come and go – straight browbands were once considered the height of horse fashion and were later reviled for being old-fashioned. Pay no attention to these fluctuating trends. As long as your horse looks good in its headstall, the judges won’t care whether that particular browband style is in fashion.