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Long Sleeve English Show Shirts

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Find the ideal show shirt that fits your best needs at the One Stop Equine Shop. Inside you will find an array of shirt designs so that you can best match your personal feel. Shop now!
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Long Sleeve English Show Shirts

You'd be hard pressed to find a sport with more sartorial style than equestrianism. Equestrian clothing has had tremendous influence on the fashion industry over the years and all the top riders never fail to don sleek, fashion-forward outfits when competition season rolls around. If you're looking to put together an equestrian outfit, you need to begin with the basics. You'll need your riding boots, riding pants and most importantly, a wide variety of long sleeved equestrian shirts.

Why are long sleeved English show shirts considered such an indispensable part of a rider's fashion repertoire? Well, for one, they make for comfortable riding in all weather conditions. For obvious reasons, long sleeved equestrian shirts are excellent for riding in cold weather conditions. A thick fleece or wool shirt will keep your muscles warm and toasty in even the chilliest winter conditions. However, contrary to popular expectation, long sleeved clothing is perfectly appropriate for summer rides as well. Summer weather brings with it warm and comforting sunshine, but with the warmer weather comes swarms of pesky insects that gather around you and your horse the moment you step outdoors. Equestrian long sleeved shirts will help to guard against itchy or painful insect bites as well as the diseases spread by these annoying pests. If you're worried about feeling warm, rest assure that there are plenty of shirts with long sleeves that are made out of thin, cooling fabric. Dri-Fit riding shirts, for example, have gained increasing popularity. These shirts wick sweat away from your skin, allowing excess heat to dissipate more quickly from your body in warm weather. Unlike heavier fabrics, they do not cling tightly to your skin when you sweat and are thus far more comfortable for summer use.

Equestrian long sleeved shirts are also one of the most aesthetically versatile categories of equestrian clothing. If you want to opt for a delightfully nostalgic retro look, there are plenty of checkered long sleeved english show shirts out there that will evoke memories of old Western films and help you score style points with the judges. Alternatively, if you'd like to adopt the sleek, minimalist outfits favored by many of today's leading show riders, you'll find that a crisp white shirt with long sleeves is probably the best place to start. When selecting your long sleeved equestrian shirts, keep the following rules in mind. First, pick a color and design appropriate to your body type. If you're a little big-boned, go for shirts in slimming dark colors, especially those with vertical stripes. If you've trouble filling out your riding jacket, go for light-colored shirts with horizontal stripes or checkers. Second, keep things simple when it comes to competitions. If you have a visually striking riding jacket, pair it with a simple, classic shirt and vice versa. You don't want to look too loud or obnoxious in the show ring. Now, you're ready to pick out your equestrian long sleeved shirts from One Stop Equine Shop, everyone's favorite equestrian clothing store.