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Knee Patch Breeches

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With many different styles and patterns One Stop Equine shop offers a large selection of knee patch breeches for the avid rider. Come inside and shop today!
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Knee Patch Breeches

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make regarding equestrian clothing is your choice of riding breeches. When it comes to show jumping or any other type of equestrian competition where the rider is often required to adopt a standing or half-standing position over the saddle, there is little doubt that knee patch breeches are the best possible riding breeches around.

Knee patch breeches may come in either the front zip, side zip or pull on designs. Knee breeches are distinguished by the additional patches of fabric sewn over the knee, inner thigh and upper inner calf. The most common material used to make these patches of fabric is leather, followed by synthetic materials with strong “grip” such as synthetic suede. The purpose of these knee patches is to give the rider a better grip on the horse saddle. This unique feature of knee patch breeches allows him to communicate more effectively with the horse, decreases the risk of him falling off the horse and enables him to rise out of the saddle and stand on the stirrups without losing his grip on the saddle. This explains why knee breeches are the most favored riding breeches for show jumping and hunt seat competitions. Many novices do not understand why knee patch breeches are preferred over full seat riding breeches for these events. It is because full seat riding breeches have the entire seat made out of a material with strong “grip”. This seat may stick to the saddle and make it difficult for the rider to stand up.

The fit of your knee breeches is, as with most equestrian clothing, essential to looking good and staying comfortable. Your knee patch breeches must not be too long or loose for you or else the knee patches may end up somewhere around your calf where they will not be able to assist you in gripping the saddle. You’ll also look extremely foolish. They should also not be too tight as riding breeches are cut very close to the body’s contours and can expose unsightly bulges when worn too tightly. They are not as forgiving as full seat riding breeches where the extra fabric can help to hide bodily imperfections. Knee patch breeches look very stylish when paired with the right type of riding boots. For best results, pair them with medium-length paddock riding boots. If you are blessed with good height, tall riding boots also look fantastic with knee patch riding breeches. If you participate in any sort of jumping or hunt seat event, you definitely need this item of equestrian clothing in your wardrobe.