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Grazing Muzzles

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Five star rated and the quintessential way to keep your horse on a weight loss trend One Stop Equine Shop has the perfect grazing muzzle for your prized horse. Shop Today!
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Grazing Muzzles

Grazing Muzzles are a brilliant preventative measure for our horses and ponies that are at risk for laminitis (founder), and obesity, and other weight-related diseases. Instead of a diet pen to restrict their caloric intake each day, allow them the privileges of other horses and let the grazing muzzle restrict the intake for you! Your horse will be happier, and you can rest easy! It is just as important for us as contentious owners to be as pro-active as we can to prevent a horse or pony from the common, painful and in many cases, preventable condition of founder or laminitis. Obesity is not a condition you want your horse to be in, because not only are you putting your horse at risk for founder, but it is believed horses with prolonged obesity are also set up for diseases such as Cushing’s later in life. This is a disease that affects the pituitary gland and compromises the immune system of the horse so they are susceptible to a host of other conditions as well. One Stop Equine Shop has your horse’s best interests in mind with their selection of grazing muzzles. These lightweight muzzles fit onto a horse’s halter. They are designed to safely and effectively limit the amount of grass or hay a horse can take in, as they have to work to get it through a small hole at the bottom. They have full ability to drink as much water as they want.